Art Share LA group show on spray paint cans

Live art activations - Angel Once, Mr. B Baby, and Pablo Damas

Music - DJ Phyz Ed

Poetry - Mike the Poet

MC - Matthew Cuban

Street Schooled is an exhibition highlighting the work of 12 Los Angeles artists:

Paul Botello, Fabian Debora, John Zender Estrada, Jesse Fregozo, Wayne Healy, Mary Lai, El Mac, Obed, Wenceslao Quiroz, Rebornz, Showzart, and Jacqueline Valenzuela.

These emerging and established LA based artists are inspired in one way or another by the streets of LA. The emerging artists are sharing the gallery walls with several more established creators by whom they’ve personally been influenced. These more mature masters of their craft have also influenced countless young painters, graffiti artists and muralists throughout the city over the last few decades. They are respected as street mentors by many. The exhibition aspires to showcase the surfacing talent of these emerging artists while giving flowers to the living maestros that came before them.