ShoutoutLA Interview - Risk and Reward

I really enjoyed the conversation with Shoutout LA. It really made me think about the risks I have taken in my art career and even the the decisions in my life before that. I have done many different things before I realized that art was my passion. I was happy to talk about my past and the work I'm creating now.

Hi Amy, how do you think about risk?
Risk taking is important to everyone especially artists. I tend to make decisions based on my goals and what’s going to make me the happiest. I’ve had to make a couple scary decisions and pivots in my life. They were all really hard to make but ultimately they ended up being the best decisions. I don’t shy away from taking risks. I try to only consider how I honestly feel about the risk or decision. Knowing what might block you or what your natural excuses will be is helpful. Knowing yourself as much as possible will help you make those tough decisions.

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